Post Prostate Surgery or Radiotherapy

More than 50% of men who undergo surgery or radiotherapy for prostate cancer experience a loss of sexual function.

Sexual recovery can be hastened, and is more likely, with early intervention.

What happens post prostate surgery

The best “nerve-sparing prostate operation” carries a 20% chance of damage to nerves involved in sexual function. Following radiotherapy, any damage is slower to appear.

Damage to the nerve supply causes a decrease in the size and natural tone of the penis. Even if you have always had strong spontaneous erections, there is no guarantee that this will continue after prostate cancer treatment.

Active intervention helps the penile tissue maintain better condition and keeps the penis in a better condition to respond.

When can I get treatment?

Treatment can begin 6 weeks post-surgery, or after the catheter has been removed and the incisions are healed and partner involvement in treatment is beneficial.

Treatment is initially oral medication. If oral medication does not work, injection treatment is usually effective. Spontaneous recovery, if it happens, can occur any time up to 2-4 years post-surgery.

What happens at a consultation?

At Auckland Men’s Clinic, we are focused on you. We’ll work together and tailor the best approach for you and your circumstances. Our approach is scientifically based and we offer a range of medically proven and safe treatments.

Every man is different but here’s what to expect from a typical treatment plan with Specialist GP, Dr Alistair Somerville.

Our initial consultation

At our initial consultation, we’ll review your medical history including current health, chronic conditions, medications and lifestyle factors. We’ll discuss physiological factors such as stress, anxiety, and depression as well as the current erectile dysfunction symptoms you’re experiencing.

Once your condition and its severity have been diagnosed we’ll devise a customised treatment plan to get your erectile dysfunction under control.

Your treatment plan may include may one or a combination of the following:

  • Oral medication
  • Injections – we’ll guide you through how to self-administer in a comfortable and supportive environment
  • Counselling
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Exercises

Ongoing Support and Follow-up

During the initial period of treatment, we’ll closely monitor your progress and together we’ll refine your treatment to achieve the best possible outcome.

Quickly and easily request repeat prescriptions via our online portal or email

Annual review to monitor progress.

And of course, if things change we are always here to help.