Low Libido (Passion Fatigue)

Low libido is a reduced interest in sexual activity. A lower sex drive can be unsettling. It can become easier to avoid intimate situations and this may cause distress and tension in a relationship.

It is normal to lose interest in sex from time to time, and for your libido to vary through your life. However, when low libido continues over time and causes concern, it is advisable to seek medical advice.

The cause of low libido can be physical and/or psychological. Certain medications, recreational drugs or alcohol abuse can alter libido. Occasionally the loss of interest results from hormonal changes or indicates an underlying medical condition.

Sometimes difficulties with erections can lead to a loss of libido causing anxiety around sex and creating a cycle of physical and emotional side effects.

Managing Low Libido

Every man is different but here’s what to expect from a typical consultation with specialist GP, Dr Alistair Somerville.

Our initial consultation

At our initial consultation, we’ll review your medical history including current health, chronic conditions, medications, and lifestyle factors. We’ll discuss physiological factors such as stress and anxiety as well as your concerns around your libido.

Treatment for low libido depends on the underlying cause. It could include a change to medications or lifestyle. If the underlying cause is psychological, counselling or sex therapy may be recommended.

If you have concerns about your libido Auckland Men’s Clinic is here to support you.