Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie disease is the development of scar tissue in the penis and results in a new curve in the erect penis. Curves can make erections painful and intercourse painful or difficult and usually occur in men over 50.

The shape of a penis is variable so if your penis has always bent to the right or left, this is a normal variant and not Peyronie disease.

The exact cause of Peyronie disease is not known but is believed to result from acute injury or autoimmune disease and is not contagious.

Can Peyronie Disease be treated?

In a third of cases, Peyronie’s disease spontaneously resolves over a few years. A number of treatments are used including anti-inflammatory creams, vitamin E, radiotherapy and injections into the thickened tissue, but with unproven benefits. In extreme cases, surgery may be considered.

Every man is different and during a consultation with specialist GP, Dr Alistair Somerville we can discuss what may be appropriate for your situation.

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